Pyth Genesis Airdrop for Helix Users

Pyth Genesis Airdrop for Helix Users

Today marks a monumental chapter in the history of Helix. As a show of immense gratitude to the most dedicated Helix community members, PYTH tokens will be airdropped today, March 20th at 2p UTC.

As one of the largest dApps using Pyth, the Helix team received one of the highest airdrops from Pyth.These tokens will today be distributed to the Helix community

Helix today is the fastest growing decentralized exchange protocol in all of crypto. Helix offers a novel integrated orderbook with unmatched liquidity and a vibrant community of users. As the protocol evolved, an increasing number of community members embraced Helix’s mission to reimagine open finance itself, playing a pivotal role in Helix's journey and propelling it to surpass $25 billion in cumulative trading volume to date.

This community ethos drives Helix to continually innovate and enhance the trading experience for all participants. As a testament to everyone who has participated, Helix is excited to give back to its loyal users through this exclusive airdrop event.

Helix users can check their eligibility and claim if eligible directly via navigating to the following link here.

Background: Helix and Pyth 

Helix and Pyth have been closely linked for over a year now. In fact, after Injective became the first IBC enabled blockchain to integrate Pyth, Helix quickly took advantage of this and began to launch new perpetual markets using the Pyth oracle.

Today, Pyth's real-time market data feeds empower traders on Helix with accurate and reliable information, facilitating seamless trading experiences. Helix is also one of the leading dApps integrated with Pyth, making new data requests every single second.

In 2023, Helix also became the first venue to offer pre-launch futures for PYTH, allowing traders to access Pyth markets before the launch of its official token. PYTH was the second Pre-Launch futures market after Celestia, which saw a drove of users onboarding onto Helix to participate in the novel market.

PYTH’s market cap launched with $468 million, which grew to over $1.3 billion at the time of publishing. With its launch, Pyth also released a token distribution plan, earmarking a portion of the total PYTH supply for various dApps through its Ecosystem Growth distribution plan. 

Thanks to the rapid growth of Helix, it became one of the highest awarded protocols, receiving a total of 2,000,000 PYTH for utilizing its oracle on a daily basis. Now as a show of appreciation of the amazing community that has brought Helix to new heights, these PYTH tokens will be distributed to early loyal users of Helix.

Pyth Airdrop Details for Helix Users

The breakdown of the PYTH airdrop to Helix users is as follows:

*The Pyth airdrop is backwards looking and a snapshot of eligible users occurred on February 14th, 2024 at 3:59a UTC. 

Thank you to all dedicated Helix users. Your continued support and engagement have been the cornerstone of Helix’s success, driving it to new heights. This Pyth token airdrop is just the beginning of surprises planned for loyal users of Helix and there will surely be other opportunities to participate in exciting launches in the future.

Together, let's continue to shape the future of decentralized finance.

The Pyth Airdrop is subject to the Pyth Airdrop Terms and Conditions, which all participants must agree to as a condition of participation.

This post is for informational purposes only and is not financial advice or an endorsement of any project or application.

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