Introducing Helix LP Rewards

Introducing Helix LP Rewards

Helix is thrilled to unveil its latest release, LP Rewards, a groundbreaking product that reaffirms its position as a pioneer in the industry. With LP Rewards, liquidity providers now have the opportunity to earn rewards by supplying liquidity through Spot Grid Trading Bots.

To kickstart LP Rewards, the inaugural market that will enable LP Rewards through spot grid trading is the highly anticipated Celestia (TIA) spot market. 

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What Are LP Rewards?

LP Rewards is a pioneering initiative designed to empower traders and liquidity providers, while enhancing liquidity on specific markets. 

With LP Rewards, traders can use Spot Grid Trading Bots to provide liquidity to Helix markets. As a liquidity provider, you'll be eligible for rewards based on the trading volume generated through your grid trading bots.  

How To Get Started?


Navigate to the Liquidity Page: To access the Liquidity page and explore the active LP Reward campaigns, simply click on “Liquidity” in the top navigation bar.

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Create Your Grid Strategy: Design and set up a spot grid trading bot for a specific market on Helix, in this case Celestia (TIA).


The provided GIF serves solely as a demonstration of the bot’s functionality. This is not financial advice and it is crucial traders should conduct their own research and developer their individual trading strategies.

Liquidity Provision: Deploy your grid trading bot to execute your trading strategy, thereby providing liquidity to the market within the specified price range.


Earn Rewards: Based on the trading volume generated by your grid trading bot, you'll be able to claim token rewards at the end of the campaign.  

How Are The Rewards Calculated?

View and claim your LP Rewards. Rewards are determined by the trading volume produced. 

Rewards are determined by the trading volume produced by your grid trading bot. If your bot's specified trading range attracts no takers, rewards will not be distributed.

Your rewards are directly proportionate to the total volume generated by your grid trading bot.

How Do I Check and Claim My Rewards?

To monitor your rewards, simply go to the LP Rewards section within the Rewards page. Here, you'll find the leaderboard, your wallet address, the volume you've generated, your ranking, and an estimate of your impending reward.

Upon campaign completion, a “Claim” button will appear, allowing you to easily collect your rewards.

What Are Spot Grid Trading Bots?

Spot Grid Trading Bots is an automated trading bot that uses a series of orders to buy and sell an asset within a predefined price range. This trading tool can help traders take advantage of small price movements, especially under volatile markets where prices fluctuate within a given range.

Once a spot grid trading strategy is triggered, the bot will automatically place buy and sell orders at different price levels within the range you specify. The bot will then continue to monitor the market and execute trades as the price moves within the range you set up.

Learn more about Spot Grid Trading Bots: Link 


Helix’s LP Rewards offers a distinctive opportunity for traders to earn rewards through spot grid trading bots, solidifying Helix’s position as a leading decentralized exchange within the crypto trading industry. This innovative product offering is a testament to Helix continuing to push its boundaries and provide innovation to its users.

To get started with Helix’s LP Rewards, click here

This article is for informational purposes only and is not financial advice or an endorsement of a particular project or application. Use of Helix is subject to Helix's Terms and Conditions.