Helix Product Update: Subaccount Merge

Helix Product Update: Subaccount Merge

Use only one account to trade on Helix! 

With the latest Injective v1.10 mainnet upgrade, you can merge all your subaccounts into one unified wallet, simplifying the trading process.


As the largest orderbook DEX within the Cosmos ecosystem, Helix strives to provide the best trading experience for users. The team has listened to feedback from both new and advanced users, and has identified a common issue: the inconvenience of moving funds between the Injective Wallet and the Trading Account.

Thanks to the last Injective v1.10 mainnet upgrade, Helix users can now trade without worrying about the distinction between “Injective Wallet” and “Trading Account”. This means that if you are a new user who has just bridged assets from other chains to Injective, you can now use those funds to trade immediately.

Onboard to Helix Easily


As a result, onboarding onto Helix has never been easier. Only three simple steps are needed: 

  1. Go to Helix and connect your crypto wallet 
  2. Go to the Account page and click “Deposit” to add funds into your Injective Wallet 
  3. You are now all set to start trading on spot or perpetual markets, or even use Helix’s convert feature

Next Step

A subaccount management feature will be introduced shortly to cater to those who prefer to have separate balances for different purposes. This feature will be optional and designed for more advanced users.

One of the goals of the Helix team is to make trading as seamless as possible for users, so the Helix team will continue to listen to users and keep delivering product improvements. 

About Helix

Helix is the premier decentralized crypto exchange. Helix provides access to unlimited crypto assets and perpetual markets with market leading rebates. Best-in-class security, near zero fees, lightning fast speeds, cross-chain capabilities and a fully on-chain orderbook on Helix provide the optimal gateway to bring crypto trading to the masses. Helix is built on Injective, the interoperable layer one blockchain for building powerful exchange, DeFi, derivatives & Web3 applications.

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