[CLOSED] Helix Pre-Launch Futures Trading Competition with $30,000 in Rewards

[CLOSED] Helix Pre-Launch Futures Trading Competition with $30,000 in Rewards

Update: This campaign ended on February 19th 2024

Helix is excited to announce the Pre-Launch Futures Trading Competition along with $30,000 in INJ as rewards to celebrate the recent listings of Pre-Launch Futures market, including LayerZero (ZRO) and Jupiter (JUP) Pre-Launch Futures markets. Read more below to find out more about Pre-Launch Futures and how you can win the trading prizes! 

Get started here: https://helixapp.com/ 

What Are Pre-Launch Futures? 

A Pre-Launch Futures market offers users the opportunity to trade futures on tokens that have not launched yet. Traditionally, gaining access to assets before their official launch has been a privilege reserved for early contributors, VCs or wealthy insiders. Helix is aiming to disrupt this closed system by allowing the decentralized trading of popular upcoming tokens prior to their official launch or listing on a public cryptocurrency exchange. 

The current Pre-Launch Futures markets on Helix featured the highly awaited LayerZero (ZRO) token and Jupiter (JUP) token, ushering dedicated markets for the imminent ZRO and JUP tokens launch. 

 Pre-Launch Futures Trading Competition

To celebrate the launch, Helix is sponsoring $30,000 in INJ tokens as the prize pool for users trading in current Pre-Launch Futures markets on Helix and upcoming Pre-Launch Futures markets within the competition period, if any. 

The campaign is a volume trading competition in which the Top 100 volume traders will each receive $300 worth of INJ tokens as the reward. The competition starts on January 29, 2024 at 2PM UTC, and ends on February 19, 2024 at 2PM UTC. 

The trading competition will offer users the opportunity to trade on Helix in order to not only win prizes exclusive to this competition, but also to enjoy market leading rebates, zero gas fees, lightning fast speeds and best-in-class security.

 Competition Details

  • The trading competition starts on January 29, 2024 at 2PM UTC, and ends on February 19, 2024 at 2PM UTC with a prize pool of $30,000 worth of INJ tokens.
  • No sign-up is required. Currently, only the transactions placed on the ZRO/USDT PERP and JUP/USDT PERP markets on the Helix frontend will be counted.
  • In the coming days, if Helix is going to launch new Pre-Launch Futures markets, trading activities in these markets will also be taken into account for the competition before the competition ends. 
  • Rewards will be distributed to traders with the Top 100 highest effective real volume they contribute during the trading competition period. Each winner will receive $300 worth of INJ as the reward. 
  • Trading volume counts both buys (long) and sells (short) during the competition period.
  • Winners will be announced by February 26, 2024.
  • Helix will use the closing price of the INJ/USDT spot trading pair at February 19, 2024 at 2PM UTC for the distribution of rewards. The actual value of rewards received is subject to change due to market fluctuation.
  • Total rewards: $30,000 in INJ

Deposit and Trade to Win $30,000 in Rewards

To get started and trade the Pre-Launch Futures market on Helix, you will need to have USDT in your Injective Wallet. The first step is to bridge assets from the Ethereum network to Injective.

Option 1: Bridge USDT from Ethereum to Injective 

  • Connect your Ethereum wallet (e.g. MetaMask, Ledger, Torus, Trezor, Trust Wallet) and make sure it has a USDT balance;
  • Go to the Account page on Helix and click “Deposit”;
  • Select Ethereum in the dropdown menu and select USDT as the token you want to bridge;
  • Click the “Set Allowance” button, which allows the bridge contract to use your USDT for the transfer; this will prompt you to sign a transaction via MetaMask or another wallet;
  • Note that you need to pay a small amount in ETH gas fees to bridge tokens from Ethereum (but don’t worry there won’t be any gas fees on Injective!). Click “Confirm” to continue;
  • Enter the amount of USDT you want to bridge over and click “Transfer Now”;
  • After a few minutes, the transaction will be completed;
  • You can check your USDT balance via the Injective Wallet or Account page on Helix.

Option 2: Onboard with Fiat

  • You can also onboard onto Helix using popular fiat currencies by selecting from one of the fiat on-ramp providers such as KadoTransak or Payfura.
  • Choose your payment currency (e.g. USD) and enter the amount in fiat you would like to swap;
  • Select Injective as the network to receive your payment amount; 
  • Follow the instructions and continue the steps;
  • Once the transaction is completed, you will see the USDT or INJ balance on Injective Wallet or Account page under Helix;
  • Swap INJ to USDT by using the Swap feature if needed, and then you are all set to trade! 

Trading Pre-Launch Futures on Helix

  • Go to any of the Pre-Launch Futures markets, such as ZRO/USDT PERP or JUP/USDT PERP;
  • Choose the side you want to trade on, either Buy (Long) or Sell (Short);
  • Then choose the type of order you want to trade, from Market, Limit, or more advanced types;
  • Enter the amount you want to trade and select your desired leverage;
  • Submit your order and approve it with your wallet; 
  • Once the order is approved successfully, you will see a notification “Your order has been placed.”

 Useful Resources

  • How to create your Injective wallet: Link
  • Onboard onto Injective instantly with fiat: Link
  • Transfer assets to Injective via Injective Bridge: Link
  • A quick guide on how to make a trade on Helix: Link
  • Trade and Earn on Helix: Link
  • Earn trading fee discounts by staking INJ: Link


This article is for informational purposes only and is not financial advice or an endorsement of a particular project or application. Use of Helix is subject to Helix’s Terms and Conditions. 

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