Helix Institutional Launch

Helix Institutional Launch

Helix Institutional is officially launching today, marking the start of a brand new trading portal custom built for financial organizations.

The new platform will enable trading of derivatives, real world assets (RWAs), indices and much more in a fully permissioned environment. In turn, this can allow a diverse array of large financial firms to enter on-chain trading environments, which can lead to more capital inflow and activity within the Injective ecosystem.

For more information, please visit: https://helixapp.com/institutional

A Background on Helix

Helix Institutional offers financial institutions a trading platform that enables them to engage in trading on Helix, while maintaining compliance with regulatory frameworks. Employing a separate platform, yet retaining the same user interface and benefits, trading firms can securely tap into Helix’s advantages while adhering to regulatory requirements.

Helix is built on top of Injective. As a result, Helix benefits from the world class modules, lightning fast speeds and lowest fees offered by the Injective L1.

Injective uniquely offers benefits to its exchanges, such as frontrunning resistance through its innovative Frequent Batch Auction (FBA) model, which eliminates the possibility for MEV. Through this model, orders placed on the orderbook are randomly added into the next block which ensures on-chain fairness for any dApp built on top of Injective. In addition, all components of the trade, from order matching to execution, occur on-chain, allowing every single step to be readily monitored.

An Overview of Helix Institutional

The development of Helix Institutional arrives as demand for permissioned and compliant DeFi applications continues to reach new highs.

After the historic collapse of centralized finance exchanges such as FTX and lenders such as Genesis, more institutions are beginning to flock towards DeFi in order to ensure that they maintain custody over their assets, while retaining on-chain transparency. However, many firms today are unable to fully enjoy or transition over to DeFi due to the lack of permissioned trading environments. Helix Institutional addresses exactly this very demand.

By combining the first truly on-chain derivatives trading platform with a permissioned gateway, Helix ensures that institutions are able to take part in a new era of decentralized trading while still retaining top tier compliance standards. All institutions are set to be vetted and whitelisted by trusted compliance organizations in order to ensure that the utmost standards are maintained.

The new platform provides advanced order types, leverage and access to cross-chain assets along with new experimental product offerings such as structured products, RWAs, FX pairs and more.

How Does This Benefit the Injective Community?

Helix Institutional opens up an entirely new avenue for large financial organizations and partners to integrate further with the Injective ecosystem. This in turn introduces more sophisticated capital into DeFi on Injective but also makes Injective one of the pioneering layer one networks today with respect to institutional and RWA industry verticals.

The launch of Helix Institutional represents a significant milestone in the evolution of decentralized trading. While Helix and Helix Institutional will coexist as separate platforms, the growth of each can be a net benefit to all applications on Injective.

At launch, Helix Institutional will be partnering with some of the largest firms across traditional finance and Web3, including, but not limited to, Pyth, IMC Trading, Anti Capital and Wormhole. These collaborative efforts aim to provide not only institutions with unparalleled on-chain liquidity and exposure, but also Injective users.

“Over the past year, Helix cemented itself as a key venue for on-chain trading thanks to the high-speed and low-cost infrastructure provided by Injective,” said Marc Tillement, Director of Pyth Data Association. “After onboarding everyday DeFi users, the launch of Helix Institutional is the logical next step for the world of finance to migrate on-chain.”

Helix continues to lead the charge in democratizing finance and redefining the traditional boundaries of institutional trading. As the adoption of blockchain technology and DeFi solutions continues to grow exponentially, Helix Institutional stands poised to facilitate a seamless transition for institutions into the dynamic Injective ecosystem.

About Helix

Helix is the premier decentralized crypto exchange.

Helix provides access to unlimited crypto assets and perpetual markets with market leading rebates. Best-in-class security, near zero fees, lightning fast speeds, cross-chain capabilities and a fully on-chain orderbook on Helix provide the optimal gateway to bring crypto trading to the masses.

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