Discover the New Frontiers of DeFi with Helix 2.0: RWAs Meet Enhanced Trading Features

Discover the New Frontiers of DeFi with Helix 2.0: RWAs Meet Enhanced Trading Features

Unlock the future of finance with Helix 2.0—a revolutionary upgrade marking a new era in decentralized finance. This update not only refines the user experience, but also introduces groundbreaking features that merge the realms of traditional finance (TradFi) with decentralized finance (DeFi).

A New Era of Trading with Helix 2.0

Helix 2.0 marks a significant milestone in the evolution of the protocol, introducing a host of innovative features designed to enhance user experience and broaden trading capabilities. With advanced functionalities, users now have superior control of and insight into their trading activities.

Building on its previous milestone of launching the first-ever on-chain Japanese Yen (JPY)—one of the world's most traded currencies—Helix 2.0 continues to push boundaries by connecting users with other essential assets.

This upgrade further introduces real-world assets (RWAs) as perpetual futures contracts, incorporating commodities like gold and silver alongside key international currencies. This expansion is made possible through a collaboration with FX market leader Cables Finance, enabling Helix to offer a more diversified and robust trading platform.

With this release, Helix, as a leading decentralized exchange built on Injective, leverages its advanced functionalities to provide users with unparalleled control and insight. These enhancements, along with the integration of RWAs, set a new standard for a sophisticated, accessible, and comprehensive trading experience. 

Features Tailored for Optimal Trading

Helix 2.0 rolls-out an array of cutting-edge features meticulously designed to refine the trading experience, providing users with best-in-class performance and capability.

Individual Profit and Loss Overview

This sophisticated tool allows traders to monitor their portfolio performance with precision. It includes real-time data, comprehensive metrics such as realized gains, historical performance charts, and an asset allocation breakdown. This empowers users to make informed decisions by assessing risk and adapting trading strategies to market conditions.

Close Position by Limit Order

This enhanced feature allows traders to set exact price targets for closing positions on perpetual futures contracts. It is engineered to execute trades with pinpoint accuracy, minimizing slippage even under volatile market conditions, and ensuring that traders can secure their desired exit points efficiently.

Advanced Take Profit / Stop Loss (TP/SL) Parameters

Users can now set TP/SL parameters for limit orders right from the moment they open a perpetual position, as well as after the position is open. This enhancement offers traders greater flexibility and control, allowing them to define their risk and reward thresholds from the start. By enabling swift reactions to market conditions and effective trade management, this feature significantly enhances the overall trading experience and efficiency.

Native Support for CW20 Tokens

Helix now automatically converts CW20 tokens to their corresponding bank tokens when performing a trade, which not only boosts liquidity but also simplifies the trading process. This functionality is crucial for traders who manage diverse portfolios that include both types of tokens.

Access Control Manager and Auto-Sign Transactions

These features represent a leap forward in trading technology. The Access Control Manager allows users to securely define and manage the levels of access granted to trusted parties via AuthZ, enhancing collaborative opportunities and operational security. Coupled with auto-sign transactions, this system permits users to authorize a separate wallet to sign transactions on their behalf for a specified duration, streamlining transaction processes and enhancing user convenience.

Strategic Integrations Propel Helix 2.0 Forward

Helix 2.0 leverages the significant advancements introduced by Injective’s Volan upgrade, most notably the inclusion of the Real-World Assets (RWA) module. This strategic integration marks a substantial enhancement in the application's functionality. The module revolutionizes the way structured products and RWAs are launched and accessed, establishing a robust platform for trading tokenized fiat pairs, treasury bills, and exclusive credit products. These offerings are accessible through compliant gateways, ensuring optimized control and interaction with a diverse range of assets.

This exciting development brings forward the introduction of new perpetual futures contracts to the platform, enhancing the trading options available to users. To start, Helix is prioritizing the most popular currencies and commodities currently traded. The launch schedule for these perpetual futures contracts is as follows:

Wednesday, May 29, 2024, at 10 am ET

  • Gold (XAU/USDT Perp)
  • Silver (XAG/USDT Perp)

Thursday, May 30, 2024, at 10 am ET

  • EUR/USDT Perp
  • GBP/USDT Perp

These listings align with the increasing trend of tokenization in traditional finance (TradFi), where large institutions are progressively adopting tokenized assets. Predictions indicate that the global tokenization market could expand by 18%-20% over the next decade. Additionally, to mirror the experience of real-world markets, trading these financial instruments on Helix operates on a standard 24/5 schedule. Users are able to place, close, or open positions at any time, but mark prices will reflect the state of the market at opening times.

Continuous Growth and Development

Helix has seen impressive growth in early 2024, and with the release of Helix 2.0, it is poised to continue this trend. The ongoing collaboration with Cables Finance is strategically positioned to capitalize on the growing trend of asset tokenization in traditional finance, delivering comparable institutional-grade DeFi offerings.

“We are continually excited about the opportunity to bring FX markets on-chain. With this growing partnership, Cables and Helix will push the boundaries of what TradFi looks and operates like on-chain,” said Ian McAfee, CEO of Cables Finance.

Helix is dedicated to offering an unmatched trading experience, boasting best-in-class security, minimal trading fees, and expansive cross-chain capabilities. As Helix continues to evolve, it invites traders to explore the innovations of Helix 2.0 and participate in shaping the future of decentralized finance.

This article is for informational purposes only and is not financial advice or an endorsement of a particular project or application. Use of Helix is subject to Helix’s Terms and Conditions. 

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