Decentralized stINJ/INJ Spot Market Listing on Helix

Decentralized stINJ/INJ Spot Market Listing on Helix

The stINJ/INJ spot market is available on Helix, as the liquid staking zone Stride launched stINJ (Staked INJ) earlier this year. 

You can now trade stINJ/INJ spot market with market and limit orders on Helix, the premier on-chain crypto exchange built on Injective. Read more below to find out more about stINJ, the benefits of trading stINJ on Helix, and a step-by-step guide on how to trade.

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What Is Liquid Staking and stINJ? 

Liquid staking is the act of delegating your tokens to a service that stakes for you without losing access to your funds. stINJ is a tokenized derivative of staked INJ enabled by Stride, an interchain protocol specializing in liquid staking. Stride is not only the first liquid staking zone for the cosmos ecosystem but also facilitates the most liquidity for major tokens such as ATOM.

Stride allows you to stake INJ while also minting stINJ (Staked INJ). stINJ is a representation of your staked INJ tokens that can be utilized elsewhere. So while your INJ is staked and earning rewards, you are able to take the stINJ to participate in distinct DeFi protocols. stINJ can also be redeemed for INJ at any time with Stride.

Get stINJ on Stride: Link

Why is Liquid Staking Important for INJ?

Liquid staking improves capital efficiency and maximizes yield for users, in addition to allowing users to earn passive income through staking. Without liquid staking, using a token in DeFi requires that it be unstaked, thereby forfeiting its staking reward. But with liquid staking, INJ can be used to both participate in DeFi and earn staking rewards, lowering the barrier to DeFi usage. Effectively, this means that while you are earning staking rewards, you can also engage with trading, yield farming, lending and much more simultaneously. 

Why Trade stINJ/INJ Spot Market on Helix

With a diverse array of upgrades and advanced enhancements, Helix is the only truly decentralized derivatives exchange. Helix provides completely unmatched exchange, advanced order types, a brand new Swap interface, trading histories, and reward tracking to Injective users. Anyone can use Helix as a crypto cross-chain trading gateway with zero gas fees, best-in-class security, and lightning-fast speeds. 

Helix is the first platform to support stINJ/INJ spot market within the Cosmos ecosystem alongside maker fee rebates. 

stINJ-INJ Market Details

  • Base asset: stINJ
  • Quote asset: INJ
  • Minimum tick size: $0.0001 INJ
  • Minimum quantity step: 0.001
  • Trade and earn multiplier: Ineligible
  • Fee: -0.01% maker fee; 0.1% taker fee
  • Trading hours: 24/7/365 

How to Trade stINJ/INJ on Helix? 

In order to trade the stINJ/INJ spot market on Helix, you will need to have either stINJ or INJ in your Injective Wallet. The first step is to deposit assets to Injective.

Option 1: Get INJ onto Injective 

  • An easier way to get INJ is to purchase from centralized exchanges;
  • Currently INJ is listed on most major exchanges, in which many of them have integrated with Injective mainnet, including Binance, Kucoin, Bitget, Kraken, etc.; 
  • Choose Injective as the network and transfer the INJ token from the exchange to your Injective wallet address;
  • For detailed steps on how to create your Injective wallet, please read this blog.  

Option 2: Get stINJ on Stride

  • If you already get your stINJ on Stride, please connect your wallet on Helix and make sure it is the same wallet that has stINJ balance;
  • Then you can find your stINJ balance on Injective Wallet or Account page under Helix.

Option 3: Onboard with Fiat

  • You can also onboard onto Helix using popular fiat currencies by selecting from one of the fiat on-ramp providers such as Kado, Transak or Payfura.
  • Choose your payment currency (e.g. USD) and enter the amount in fiat you would like to swap;
  • Select Injective as the network to receive your payment amount; 
  • Follow the instructions and continue the steps;
  • Once the transaction is completed, you will see the USDT or INJ balance on Injective Wallet or Account page under Helix;
  • Swap INJ to USDT by using the Swap feature if needed.

Trade stINJ/INJ on Helix 

After you successfully have stINJ or INJ assets to Injective, you are ready to trade!

  • Go to the stINJ/INJ spot market on Helix;
  • Now you can buy stINJ using INJ, or sell INJ to get stINJ;
  • On Helix, you can choose the type of order, either Market or Limit order;
  • Enter the amount you want to Buy or Sell, submit your order and approve it with your wallet; 
  • Once the order is approved successfully, you will see a notification “Your order has been placed.”

Upcoming Listings

Moving forward, Helix will continue to expand the markets available for users. All community members can propose to bring new assets to Helix using the governance portal on the Injective Hub. Ultimately, all INJ token holders own Injective so the community has the power to bring new assets to the dApp ecosystem.

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This article is for informational purposes only and is not financial advice or an endorsement of a particular project or application. Use of Helix is subject to Helix's Terms and Conditions.

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